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The word "gig" connects  all artists.  When an artist has a gig, it means they have a chance to do what they love to make a living --

                                                             they are     beautifully, deeply, madly employed.   


 GIG embraces and expands collaboration.  Musicians, dancers, choreographers, lighting designers, actors, photographers, visual artists -- top-industry professionals and emerging artists -- they all have brilliant things to say. And in this world of so much information, it is easier to hear what we all have to say if we  combine our energy  as one big "band" and do our thing together.












In GIG, dancers and musicians, affectionately known as  gigsters  (like-minded people with different creative skill sets) are one tight-knit ensemble. Together, the gigsters partake in an onstage collision, bringing  original music  to life before your eyes with

 new choreography  .


           Dance extends lyrics.    Melody motivates movement.      

             Our forces are combined in real time and the status quo is shaken to a frenzy.


We'd would like to invite you to be a part of it.

// How it started. //

// What keeps us going. //

// Real talk. //

>> See what we're saying >>


It is a gigster's daily mission...


// to collaborate with all kinds of artists and promote their individual work while making new, cohesive things together that entertain and inspire audiences.


// to make quality, affordable art for everyone. #giveitgood



// to be beautifully, deeply, madly employed. #getitgood

Photograph by Jenny Anderson // Pictured (Left to Right): Whitney G-Bowley, Jordan Fife Hunt,  Felix Hess, Criag Meyer, Brian Killen, Danny Gardner, Caleb Hawley, Greg Mayo. 

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             "Beautifully, deeply, madly employed."              

                                - GIG Creator/Director, Whitney G-Bowley


Whitney G-Bowley, the creator of GIG, explains how it all came to be and why she feels GIG is an anomaly in the world of live performance.


"I'm a dancer -- I spent my whole life training to perform onstage. But I always secretly wanted to be part of a band. Not just as a backup dancer...I wanted to be my own special rhythm section. I make physical music with my body -- I think my hips are just as percussive as any cowbell. So how do I get in on THAT gig?


The world of dance and musical theatre can often be very rigid -- constantly rehearsing, things set in stone, everything so perfect! Which is great! When I started dating a drummer in college and hanging out in the downtown NYC music community, I got to experience an entirely different scene. Musicians were off-the-cuff, collaborative in an instant. They'd ask friends they'd see in the audience to come up and play on the next song, and offer them a sip of their beer before they'd start. I was shocked. Compared to the very planned, perfect world I worked in, this live music vibe was so free, immersive, and inviting. Everytime I got to go to a concert, I would leave swooning, wondering,


'Why can't I be a part of THAT?' 


I love what I do, but why can't I find a balance between these two worlds that I love so much?


So I stopped wondering, started instigating, and began my quest to create a brand new scene."


Featured Video // GIG creator, Whitney G-Bowley, speaking about why she started GIG and what makes it special at TEDxAllendaleColumbiaSchool. // Featured (Left to Right): Lauren Chapman, Whitney G-Bowley, Brian Killeen, Patrick Firth.  

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Featured Video // Incredible Broadway dance legend, Dana Moore, gives an exclusive interview talking about her experience as a guest choreographer for GIG w/ Caleb Hawley. 


GIG featured in Delta Sky // GIG (along w/ Duncan Sheik) was mentioned as a feature performance in Delta Sky Magazine's 

"1 CITY//5 WAYS: NEW YORK" SPREAD! // Click to enlarge images.



 "I've just fallen in love with it. The whole concept of it I think is brilliant."  

// Dana Moore - Broadway Star/Dance Icon (Fosse, CHICAGO, Sweet Charity)


 "GIG was like a perfect storm of music, dance, and storytelling. It just rocked."  

// Terrence Mann - Tony Nominated Broadway Star (CATS, Les Mis, Beauty & the Beast)


 "I'm so excited to be a choreographer on GIG! It's such a great honor and what amazing dancers!" 

// Danny Gardner - Broadway Star (Dames at Sea)


 "The performers and slickly kinetic choreography found in GIG make even the most passive audience members want to get up and dance -- or at the very least, smile."  

// Kimberly Kaye - Journalist/playwright


 "There was absolute cohesion...their story-driven choreography and powerful ensemble work spilling out of our mouths and bouncing off our skin...I witnessed something both remarkable and common."  

// ZenRedNYC - Arts/Humanities Website


 "One of my fave things about choreographing for GIG is the ‪collaboration‬ between the ‪musicians‬, ‪‎dancers‬, and ‪‎choreographers‬...I'm so happy to have choreographed a piece for this show!"  

// Erika Shannon - Choreographer/Performer/Fitness Guru (Rock of Ages, Daily Burn)


 "Watching GIG was a fresh theatrical experience that filled my 



// Charlotte d'Amboise - Tony Nomiated Broadway Star/Dance Icon (Chicago,

A Chorus Line, CATS, Jerome Robbins' Broadway)


 "GIG is the most unique musical experience I have seen in years. I loved it! 

// GIG audience member + Caleb Hawley Superfan


 "GIG was phenomenal. I am so glad that I was introduced to the music and spirit of Ms. Nicholls and her amazing band. And the dancing was spectacular. I want to see it again. I am so thrilled and inspired by all of your work and talent." 

// Allison Layman (GIG w/ JN audience member)


 "There is something so free about watching the performers in 

GIG propel themselves with passion and create what they love."   

// Billy Potvin - Writer/playwright


Simply amazing "Fabulous, exciting, entertaining.  !!!" I loved it!" 

// GIG audience member + Caleb Hawley Superfan


 "Loved it. Can't say enough. Go see them!!!"  

// Michael Gorman - Actor


 "GIG made me happy I moved back to NYC!" 

// GIG audience member + Caleb Hawley Superfan


  What do you think?   >> Let us know >>

GIG featured on ZenRedNYC // Check out this heartwarming review of our collaboration with Jenna Nicholls at The Performance Project @ University Settlement. // Click to read full review.

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