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The inspiration. They provide the music and lyrics that define each individual GIG.


// Our artists. // 1. special individuals who have collaborated on, performer for, or deeply inspired the creation of a GIG project.

2. people who possess an innate dedication to trying new things; usually undeniably sexy and fun to be around.


The interpreters. They absorb the music and convert it into visual rhythm and rhyme, allowing audiences to sink even deeper into the story being told.


The embellishers. They create the audible environment where the story lives. They enhance the experience with their inexplicably natural and untamed stage presence.


The masters. They offer their brilliance in short, sweet doses, graciously contributing their experitise on a piece-by-piece basis. Theiy add a special kind of vibrancy that only their work can provide.


The finishers. They use their technical skills to embolden our creativity and imprint images that keep the songs alive long after the show is over. Light refractions and rock 'n' roll reflections are their playthings.


Producer // Director // Writer // Choreographer // Performer




Whitney has always had a passion for creating new pieces that inspire and excite audiences and believes GIG is the beginning of something relevant and big. She's seen tired-out conventions circumvented and negativity shattered before her eyes in every rehearsal for this project and is honored to share a dance floor with such loving, committed, honest artists.




= a daring, generous artist who ventured into our

first ever GIG project -- The Workshop w/ Caleb Hawley. 

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