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One of our all-time favorite GIG Guest Artists, Dana Moore, was recently featured in Dance Teacher Magazine! In the article entitled, "Dana Moore: Technique", Dana explains why practicing isolations is key to matering any kind of movement --

"In addition to Bob Fosse, she's worked with choreographers Tommy Tune, Michael Bennett, and Twyla Tharp. Still, it's Fosse whom she identified as her biggest influence, and she feels a responsibility to pass his legacy to students.

'I worked intimately with him and Gwen [Verdon] in rehearsals, and I feel confident that I'm the genuine article," she says. "I can pass it on with as much authenticity as I know, and be true to what I understand is the intention of his movement.'"

She can and she does. She's completely amazing.

Check out our special rehearsal footage of Dana teaching the gigsters isolations helping them master their bodies and her incredible choreography that was featured in GIG w/ Caleb Hawley.

Featured gigsters: Stephanie Campbell, Jordan Fife Hunt, Whitney G-Bowley, Brad Landers

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