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RAINCLOUD is our first full-scale music video collaboration and we were fortunate enough to do it with the deeply talented, Suzanna Choffel. Broadway star, Noah Racey is also featured, starring alongside Suzanna in the video as well as co-choreographing the piece with GIG creator, Whitney G-Bowley. Irma Sierra, co-producer and art director helped to define our storyline in beautiful ways while Inspired director and filmmaker, F. Pozzo, crafted our collective vision perfectly. The dancers came in ready for anything, always offering new ideas and details to think about as we wrapped up the shoot and headed into post-production. The talent and dedication involved in making the video was astounding. We tried our best to capture that very special live vibe we love so much while telling a story in a way you can enjoy over and over again at your leisure. We're all still reeling from the experience and are so proud to share it with you.

Support Suzanna and get her upcoming album by contributing to her Pledge Music campaign!

Song: "Raincloud" by Suzanna Choffel (off the album, "Archer")

Choreography: Noah Racey & Whitney G-Bowley

Featured Dancer (Raincloud): Noah Racey

Dancers (gigsters): Kelly Liz Bolick, Stephanie Campbell, Michael Fatica, Whitney G-Bowley, Felix Hess, Jordan Fife Hunt, Lindzay Kile, Brad Landers

Direction/Videography/Editing: F. Pozzo

Producing: Irma Sierra & Whitney G-Bowley

Art Direction: Irma Sierra

Lights/Technical Support: Tracy Allan/Obey Not Studios

Hair/Makeup: Kelly Kunkel Fraizer/Christo 5th Ave Costumes: Emmy Wildwood/Tiger Blanket Records

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